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Fellowship of American Bibliophilic Societies

30 North American Member Book Clubs and 15 International Affiliates
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The Fellowship of American Bibliophilic Societies


is an organization with a goal of keeping member clubs informed of news, events, publications, and activities that take place during the year.


The FABS Newsletter is published twice a year to facilitate that goal. The Newsletter publishes on September 1 and January 1. Copies are bulk shipped to the Member Clubs and each club then distributes the Newsletter to the individual members of that club.  Paid advertising is accepted in each issue.


Member clubs are requested to submit all information to the Editor 45 days in advance of the publication date, preferably in Microsoft Word as an e-mail attachment.


Single subscriptions to institutions and individuals are not available at this time.


Back issues may be ordered through the Publisher based on availability.

The Editor's "Book Talk" blog can be found here:


The submission of articles for the FABS Newsletter is encouraged. All correspondence should be sent to the Newsletter Editor.

The website is currently managed by the FABS Secretary.

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